With HEATDOC™, Your Heating System Has a Worry-Free Healthcare Plan

At Windsor Fuel, we deliver peace of mind, because we think of everything for your home comfort. Windsor customers enjoy trouble-free heating because we treat your fuel with HEATDOC™, a premium heating oil conditioner.

heatDocBrochure.pngHEATDOC™ improves your fuel in four important ways:

  • Sediment Reduction: Untreated fuel produces unwanted sediment that, when stirred during refill, can enter into system components. HEATDOC™ reduces sediment into microparticles that flow completely through your heating system to a complete burn while improving efficiency.

  • Clean Filters: Sediment build-up in the tank filter can stop the flow of fuel completely or allow sediment particles further into the system. As HEATDOC™ reduces particle size and stabilizes the fuel, it eliminates clogging and ensures no inconvenient clogs at the oil filter.

  • Clean Fuel Lines: Untreated fuel can also react with metal parts causing corrosion and oxidation, which can stop fuel flow or reduce efficiency. HEATDOC™ stops the reaction and eliminates the corrosion of metal parts.

  • Clean Nozzle: Sediment can eventually reach the burner nozzle, reducing burn efficiency or shutting off the heat completely. HEATDOC™ eliminates nozzle plugging, maintaining maximum burn rate and improved equipment efficiency.

The Windsor Fuel team is constantly on the lookout for products that will improve our customers' comfort, and we have found a good one with HEATDOC™. It increases fuel efficiency, reduces the chance of a heat outage and extends the lifespan of your equipment – all of which helps you save money!

For more information, view the HEATDOC™ brochure