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You deserve the best in efficiency and value - and we've got it!

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Windsor Fuel is our thorough line of products. We often wonder how companies that limit their capabilities to just heating can promote themselves as "year-round" comfort providers. At Windsor, when we say year-round, we mean it. Sure, we're simply unbeatable when it comes to our heating products, services and installations, but we also make sure that your comfort is present and accounted for in the summertime, too. Windsor is Long Island and Queens’ connection for central air conditioning systems, air purifiers and dehumidifiers. We even make that dip in the pool more enjoyable with our complete line of pool heaters.

Whatever you comfort needs, the home experts at Windsor are at your service. Here is an overview of the products we offer, and please use our convenient contact page for any questions you may have.

When the Lights Go Out, Let the Power Go On ...
with a Whole-House Standby Generator from Windsor Fuel

Honeywell Logo First, there was Hurricane Irene in 2011 ... and then, the devastating Hurricane Sandy. These storms left thousands upon thousands of Long Islanders and Queens residents in the dark.

We can hear you loud and clear, saying "Next time, I'm getting a generator." And we're here to help!

Windsor Fuel is an authorized distributor of Honeywell standby whole-house generators.

Your home and family are priceless ... and with a Honeywell automatic standby generator, you can rest assured that everything and everyone will be protected. When the rest of the neighborhood is suffering in the dark, without heat, hot water, refrigeration and important appliances, you'll be warm, comfortable and safe.

Honeywell Generator Your Honeywell automatic standby generator sits outside your home or business just like a central air conditioner, while the transfer switch is located next to the main breaker box. The generator and transfer switch work together to monitor utility power 24/7 - you don't need to lift a finger!
  • Within seconds of sensing utility power is lost, the generator starts automatically to supply power.
  • When the return of utility power is sensed, it automatically shuts down ...
  • ... and returns to standby mode, ready for the next outage.
Powered by your own reliable natural gas or propane supply, a Honeywell generator is so quiet, you'll hardly know it's on. The durable premium aluminum enclosure resists corrosion for long life, even in salt air, with a RhinoCoat™ finish that adds superior weather protection. Plus, remote monitoring is standard on every Honeywell home backup generator - so you can observe generator status, set operation parameters and receive maintenance info, all from the comfort of your home.

Honeywell generators come in a variety of capacities - 10/15/20 kW, 25 kW, 35 kW and 45 kW - depending on the types of appliances you wish to power during an outage. Our generator specialist will visit your home for a FREE consultation, and will help you choose the model that's best for your needs. Then, when it's time for installation, our highly trained and certified technicians will secure all proper permits and inspections, and will test for and assure optimal installation.

Don't face another storm without a whole-house emergency backup generator. Contact us now.

Our Installation Team

We'll gladly assist you in choosing your equipment, making sure it's a perfect fit for your home, family and budget. And after you've made your choice, our master technicians will perform your installation. Our technicians will install quickly, neatly and carefully, while following an installation schedule that's convenient for you, not us. You'll be enjoying the most amazing comfort in no time!

Heating Equipment

Everything about Long Island and Queens is unique, including homeowners and their home heating preferences. That's why we provide many types of heating options, so you're sure to find the system that satisfies you and your family. And, we use only the highest quality heating oil, so you enjoy truly efficient comfort right from the start. Quality is first and foremost in everything we do, and it's the reason why Windsor has kept generations of families warm and comfortable throughout winter.

If you're looking for a new system, make sure to check out our wide array of:
  • High Efficiency Boilers
  • High Efficiency Burners
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks (Aquaboosters)
  • Radiant floor heating
If safety is your main concern, we also carry a full assortment of fuel tanks, including indoor, outdoor, buried/fiberglass epoxy and double-walled designs.

A Lifetime of Protection on a Great Heat-and-Hot-Water Combination

You can enjoy the security of limited lifetime warranty coverage for parts and labor when you install a Utica boiler and a Bock SideKick™ indirect water heater from Windsor Fuel. Utica provides a lifetime warranty on the boiler heat exchanger, and Bock offers an optional lifetime warranty on the SideKick's water tank and coil heat exchanger. The manufacturer warranties cover the parts, and Windsor provides free labor when repairing or replacing the covered parts. As long as you are a Windsor customer, you will never have to worry!

This is our most popular combination upgrade package. Please call our office today or contact us online to learn more or schedule an installation.

Featured Heating Equipment Manufacturers

The best in the business - that's how homeowners throughout Long Island feel about Windsor, so it makes perfect sense that we offer products with the same reputation. The manufacturers we carry are known for producing systems and equipment that have garnered the highest efficiency, durability and dependability ratings. All of this means you'll be enjoying energy savings and superb comfort for years to come. Best of all, we keep these products affordable, and of course we handle complete installation.


Utica boilers
Utica Boilers Utica boilers are backed by the most straightforward, comprehensive warranty in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on the entire heat exchanger, not just the sections. All other components are covered for one year from date of installation. Utica products are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that you get the very best in home heating comfort and value. Utica boilers have earned a reputation for exceptional quality, performance and dependability.

Weil-McLain boilers
Weil-McLain Boilers Weil-McLain boilers are the No. 1 choice of heating professionals nationwide and the boiler selected by more American homeowners than any other brand. Outstanding, highly efficient performance, innovative design and a lifetime limited warranty are just a few of the benefits that make Weil-McLain the industry's best value. Weil-McLain's Ultra boilers use advanced design and technology to deliver maximum comfort and heating efficiency.

Buderus boilers
Buderus Boilers Buderus products are widely acknowledged as the world standard in high-efficiency, low-emission hydronic heating. A cast-iron Buderus boiler equipped with the Buderus Logamatic Control brings your home into the 21st century, with the option of weather-responsive heating that reduces fuel use at the same time that it greatly improves your level of comfort.

Burnham boilers
Burnham Boilers Burnham Hydronics offers the broadest range of oil-fired boilers in the industry and includes many products that meet the government's ENERGY STAR® guidelines. Burnham's V8 oil-fired boiler is designed for quiet operation while providing years of reliable and efficient service. It is available in multiple heating capacities that can be configured for water or steam, with or without a tankless hot water heating coil. Burnham's MPO boiler, with an AFUE of 87 percent, is one of the most efficient and reliable boilers in the industry.

Peerless boilers
Peerless Boilers Peerless cast iron boilers have been manufactured and sold in the United States since 1908. Through experience, technology and innovation, Peerless has positioned itself as one of the best boiler manufacturers in the industry. All Peerless boilers are made of very durable and reliable cast iron. Cast iron hot water boilers have life expectancies of 20 to 30 years or more. Cast iron heats up very rapidly and takes a long time to cool down, thus providing comfortable, efficient heating for your family. Peerless is located in Boyertown, Penn., where hometown values and a solid work ethic are most important.


Riello burners
Riello Burners Quality engineered to our proven world-class standard, Riello 40-Series oil-fired burners are built for maximum uptime. Riello 40-Series high-efficiency oil burners not only deliver low energy consumption and quiet, worry-free performance, they're the most reliable combustion technology on the market.


Carrier Furnaces Carrier furnaces
No matter what your heating needs, there's an innovative Carrier furnace for you. If you enjoy the fuel-efficiency and clean-burning performance of an oil system, consider a powerful Performance™ Variable Speed 80 or Comfort™ 80 series oil furnace. Remember, the higher the AFUE rating, the more energy efficient the unit will be.


Bock Water Heaters Bock water heaters
Recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters, Bock provides quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation. We install Bock's SideKick™ indirect water heater, which comes with an optional lifetime warranty on the water tank and the oil heat exchanger. The SideKick offers robust construction with a precision-built inner tank that is made of high-quality steel and is pressure-tested repeatedly.

SuperStor water heaters
SuperStor Water Heaters Heat Transfer Products has more than 35 years' experience in designing and manufacturing indirect water heating systems that work with a home's boiler to produce hot water with maximum efficiency. SuperStor indirect systems are designed to produce hot water faster than competing systems at a competitive price.
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Cooling Equipment

Tired of suffering through our infamously hot, humid Long Island and Queens summers? Let Windsor help you stay cool and breathe easier this summer with our line of central air conditioning and air quality systems. We also feature air systems that can remove dust, mold, pollen, and other impurities from indoor air, helping to keep your family healthy throughout the year. Relax this summer-even on those sweltering dog days-with a new comfort system from Windsor.

We install the best central air conditioning equipment on the market today from top manufacturers, including the full product lines of Carrier and Bryant. We also meet every customer's needs with expert service for virtually every brand of central AC.

Get Up to $400 in PSEG Rebates!

LIPA If you are planning a new central air conditioning installation, take advantage of the PSEG Long Island and Queens Residential Central Air Conditioning Rebate Program. We'll help you enjoy the "cool" benefits of energy efficiency and save up to $400 in rebates.

Program Highlights

  • Up to $400 in PSEG rebates
  • Save hundreds of dollars on central air conditioning costs
  • Energy efficient central air conditioning reduces energy expenses and increases the comfort of your home
For more information, click here.

Featured Cooling Equipment Manufacturers

The air conditioners we install could significantly slash your energy bills. A relatively modest upgrade - from a system rated at 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to one rated at 16 SEER - can yield energy savings of 42 percent. If your system is less efficient than 10 SEER (as many older systems are) and you choose new equipment rated about 16 SEER (new systems go as high as 26 SEER), you could cut your cooling bills by well over 50 percent. We offer free equipment consultations to help you decide which unit is right for your family and budget - and, of course, we take care of the complete installation.
Carrier central air systems
Carrier Cooling Systems Carrier knows air conditioning. After all, they invented it - and they've been perfecting central air conditioners for over a hundred years. The advanced Infinity® Series offers our highest efficiency in central air conditioning, while the Performance™ Series and Comfort™ Series products provide economical efficiency and complete comfort.

Ruud central air systems
Ruud Central air systems Ruud is one of North America's largest manufacturers of quality comfort products. The company operates two manufacturing facilities in Arkansas and Georgia, both employing highly trained workers and state-of-the-art equipment. Over the years, the product lines have expanded, changed, and improved significantly as new design techniques and better manufacturing technologies have become available. What remains unchanged, however, is Ruud's commitment to producing the most reliable, long-lasting, efficient equipment you can buy.

Bryant Indoor Comfort Bryant has been improving indoor comfort for over 100 years. The solid Evolution® System offers Bryant's highest efficiency home cooling (which saves you the most money during operation) and has earned Consumer's Digest Best Buy status. Bryant's Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products deliver economical performance, comfort and value.

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Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is highly desirable for its comfort and efficiency. In place of baseboards and radiators, it uses large surfaces such as floors to emit heat. Heated water is piped under floors and through large radiant panels to provide a very satisfying quality of heat that radiates from the floor or panel.

Radiant heat can achieve higher efficiency than baseboard heat because it uses lower temperature water with larger radiant surfaces. Modern boilers equipped with advanced controls can use radiant emitters to produce the same amount of heat with less fuel and without noticeable changes in room temperature. With the addition of mixing valves, one boiler can deliver high-temperature water to baseboards in one part of the house while feeding lower-temperature radiant emitters in another part of the house.

We build custom radiant and snow melt systems using components from top manufacturers.

Featured Radiant Heating Manufacturer

Uponor radiant heating systems Uponor is a world leader in radiant heating systems, PEX plumbing systems and fire safety protection systems. The company was founded in 1620 in Virsbo, Sweden, forging high-quality steel and weapons for the King of Sweden. In 1968 Wirsbo emerged as the leader in the polyethylene pipe industry and today is well renowned for radiant heating. Radiant floor heating is clean, practical, comfortable, economical and versatile. It concentrates heat near the floor, furniture and your family; provides even heating throughout your home; eliminates cold, drafty rooms; and can reduce heating bills by 20-40 percent. Plus radiant heating is quiet, maintenance-free and helps keep household air free of allergens and pollutants.

Programmable Thermostats

Also known as an automatic setback, day/night or clock thermostat, it's a "smart" device that automatically adjusts room temperature settings to energy-saving levels when you're sleeping or away from home. Plus, a programmable thermostat is smartly priced, making it a small investment in your comfort for many heating seasons to come. Research by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) indicates that a single setback each day of five degrees Fahrenheit provides a 10 percent savings. Using a programmable thermostat effectively can deliver a return on your investment of up to 124 percent or more!

Featured Programmable Thermostats

Honeywell Programmable Thermostats We recommend programmable thermostats by Honeywell. Honeywell's complete line of programmable thermostats includes 7-day, 5-1-1-day, 5-2-day and 1-week models, and are easy to use, easy to program, and easy to read. They provide precise temperature control and consistent comfort, and some models even come in colors to match your decor!
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Indoor Air Quality

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that the air inside your home may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, so it is important to determine the quality of your indoor air.

Possible indoor air quality problems can be detected by the presence of unusual odors or "stale" air. There are also physical signs you will be able to see. Look for mold or mildew in rooms that may have excess humidity. If your heating and/or air conditioning equipment is dirty, your home most likely suffers from poor indoor air quality.

Windsor Fuel can help. To read more about our services, please visit our Indoor Air Quality page.

Featured Indoor Air Quality Products

Honeywell dehumidification and ventilation systems
Honeywell ventilation systems An air conditioner can't sense humidity, so it keeps running as you turn down your thermostat. Honeywell dehumidifiers reduce energy costs by removing moisture - improving comfort while reducing the strain on your air conditioner. You'll be able to set your thermostat a little higher so your air conditioner runs less without sacrificing comfort. In addition, Honeywell ventilation systems can help introduce fresh, filtered air while removing stale air from the home, helping to reduce the strain on your air conditioner.

Pool Heaters

Thermo-Dynamics Pool Heaters Everyone loves a relaxing swim in the pool, but most people don't like swimming in cold water! Our new pool heaters let you enjoy warm, evenly heated water and extend your swimming season. No matter what size your pool is, or whether it's in-ground or aboveground, Windsor Fuel has a pool heater model that's right for you.

Featured Pool Heaters

A Thermo-Dynamics oil-fired pool heater can be used to heat the pool as well as the pool enclosure or an adjacent building. It is equipped with a high-temperature hard refractory combustion chamber and an all-copper indirect heat exchanger that virtually eliminates corrosion, scaling and condensation problems.
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Oil leaks are unusual but most occur in older steel tanks. It is very difficult to know when an oil tank needs to be replaced because tanks corrode from the inside out. To eliminate your worries, we are proud to offer the TankSure® program for aboveground and basement tanks. TankSure® provides the following:
  1. An annual ultrasonic test (approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) that checks the thickness of your tank's walls.
  2. A $1,000 replacement warranty. If we detect a problem, we immediately notify you with a recommendation to replace your tank-before you have an expensive problem on your hands.
  3. A tank inspection certificate that documents your annual test and inspection. This may entitle you to a discount on your homeowner's insurance and, if at some time you decide to sell your home, the certificate can make a sale easier.
To sign up for TankSure®, contact us now.

Oil Tanks

Your heating oil storage tank offers you the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that's ready for immediate use whenever cold weather arrives or a need to heat the home arises. Whether you require an underground tank or an aboveground tank either outside your home or in your basement, Windsor Fuel has a new, technologically advanced, corrosion-resistant tank that's right for you.

Featured Oil Tanks

Roth oil tanks
Roth Oil Tanks Roth double-wall tanks are designed to offer the highest level of environmental protection. Avoid oil spills and leaks caused by defective pipes, couplings or fittings which are located underneath the tank. Every inner Roth tank is made out of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene that is seamless, absolutely leak-proof and corrosion-resistant. In addition, Roth tanks feature top connections to ensure the oil stays where it should. The outer tank is made of lead-proof corrosion resistant steel which is capable of containing at least 110 percent of the capacity of the inner tank for maximum protection.


Windsor Fuel installs custom ductwork for central air conditioning and forced-air heating systems. We design the duct system to reach every room with minimal disruption, and then install the ductwork with close attention to every detail. We test every airway with advanced diagnostic tools to ensure consistent airflow. We also inspect and repair existing systems.

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Need more information on our comfort equipment? Contact us!